Friday, September 7, 2007


Attendance and class participation will constitute 25% of your grade. The remaining 75% will be determined according to your performance in each of the following assignments.

Readings: Students will be assigned readings and creative projects to review. All students should be prepared to discuss all readings and projects, every week. Insightful discussion of these assignments is included in evaluation of participation.

Reading Response Paper & Presentation (25% of grade): At the beginning of the semester, students will select one assigned reading on which to lead a 20-30 minute discussion. On the day of this oral presentation, students must also turn in an 8-page (double-spaced, typed) paper written in response to the reading and in preparation for the presentation. The papers and presentations should identify the author(s)' key arguments, the rhetorical strategies used in making those arguments, and issues raised by the work, in relation to other readings and artworks covered in class. The oral presentations should not simply be a reading of the 8-page paper, but should allow for discussion among participants in the class. Note that regurgitation of an essay's main points is inappropriate for this assignment. All students will have completed the reading. Presenters must bring critical insight to the discussion, which should be informed by additional historical research and analysis.

In-class writing exercises: Occasional in-class response papers will be assigned in relationship to readings and artworks. These assignments must be handed-in at the end of the class session. Performance on these assignments is included in evaluation of participation.

Two art projects (25% each): Students will complete two art projects this semester. The first will be a device for the instigation of change. The second will be a device for the halt or reversal of change. Students will be expected to turn in advanced proposals for each project (see course schedule), and to make in-class presentations of the work. The projects must be complete to receive credit. Proposals or incomplete projects will not suffice. Additional instructions for these assignments will be distributed prior to the proposal deadlines.

Grading Scale:
A = Excellent. High level of engagement with assignment and sustained effort to bring insight to readings and projects.
B = Good. Engaged with the materials, with a slightly lesser level of original criticism.
C = Average/ meets minimum requirements. Completes assignments with minimal original contributions.
D = Below Average, unacceptable. Lack of regard for course goals or policies; lack of effort.
F = Complete Failure. Student does not complete all assignments, or completes very poor work. Student does not recognize course goals or policies.

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